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What Does Custom Motorcycle Insurance Cover? Insurance for custom choppers offers the same standard and optional coverages as policies for factory-built motorcycles. Below, we’ve noted some of the details of each coverage that are specifically relevant to custom motorcycles. Collision and comprehensive coverages are the two that differentiate custom motorcycle insurance policies from those for production or classic motorcycles. They cover the costs to repair or replace a motorcycle (minus their respective deductibles), which can be drastically higher for custom bikes. Choppers are typically considered much more valuable than production and classic bikes because most are one-of-a-kind machines. Beyond the cost of fabricated parts themselves, the labor costs associated with repairing or replacing custom components is significantly higher. stom motorcycle. Another popular coverage is an optional one: medical payments. This covers medical bills of you (the rider) as well as anyone else injured while riding. Coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists (sometimes shortened to UM/UIM) pays for bodily injuries and damages to your custom motorcycle caused by another someone else who is inadequately insured. ATVs, mopeds and scooters, and dirt bikes, while covered under most companies motorcycle insruance policies, each have their own set of rules and regulations. Anyone in need of insuring any of those vehicles that are customized should contact their insurance company. Who Needs Custom Motorcycle Insurance? Custom motorcycle owners arguably need insurance more than other bike owners because of the high value of their rides. As we mention above, t Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Most insurance companies, such as Liberty Mutual’s Safeco Insurance and Allstate, will not quote custom motorcycle insurance policies online because it is too difficult to determine the value of a chopper via the Internet. Whe Nationwide does not offer online quotes for custom motorcycles either, but unlike other major carriers, it asks specific questions relevant to choppers. The company has a category for custom and limited edition bikes that shoppers can select and it asks what type of modifications have been made. No other major carrier include both those details in their online quoting, which suggests that Nationwide’s might be more accurate going into the call with an agent. Other companies, such as GEICO and Progressive, require the same information from custom and factory-built bike owners. At the end of the quoting process, it’s up to the owner to choose adequate coverage for their chopper. However, it’s probably a better idea to call and speak to an agent from each insurer. kes. Every motorcycle policy for a factory-built bike automatically cover up to $3,000 of customizations to any factory-built motorcycle listed in the NADA Motorcycle Appraisal Guide. That’s a nice perk, but $3,000 is hardly enough to cover many customizations. That amount would cover the cost of a custom paint job and not much else. G Insurance Discounts When speaking to agents and gathering quotes for your custom bike, make sure to inquire about discounts you might be eligible for. An expensive, custom motorcycle does not preclude an owner from discounts for having multiple policies or using anti-theft devices. Depending on the carrier, discounts could be as high as 30% or more off of a regular premium.